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Can an uncontested divorce save you money?

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Divorce is a complex affair, especially when you and your ex-spouse cannot agree on aspects such as child custody, support and property divisions. It means that the court will have to be involved, which comes with certain disadvantages.

However, if you and your spouse amicably agree on these pertinent issues surrounding the divorce, all the court will have to do is approve your decisions and make them official. That is what an uncontested divorce is all about.

What benefits come with an uncontested divorce?

There are several benefits to an uncontested divorce. For starters, everything will conclude much faster. You will not be at the mercy of an expensive and protracted court process. It will help you begin your next phase of life much faster.

You will also have a much greater degree of privacy. Divorce can expose a lot of your personal details around finances and family, given that the proceedings can be accessible by the public. If you have children, it is best for them to avoid conflict with the other parent, which can arise from a contested divorce. It will protect them from the adverse effects of the drastic changes in the family and help them adapt to their new way of life.

An uncontested divorce also gives you more control of how everything will go, unlike in a situation where you have to follow court orders.

Is an uncontested divorce right for you?

The perks of an uncontested divorce are plenty, but if you are not sure whether it’s right for you or not, it is advisable to seek a qualified evaluation of your situation. The most crucial thing at the end of the day is that you get your fair share of the marital estate regardless of how it goes.

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