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High-Asset Divorce Lawyers in Atlanta, GA — Helping Our Clients Through Complex Estate Matters

The divorce process is complicated regardless of the underlying circumstances. Even separations with minimal assets and no children involve intense emotions and complex legal matters. However, things are made much more difficult when lots of money, expensive properties, and high incomes are involved. In such a situation, a high-asset divorce lawyer in Atlanta, GA, can help.

At the Family Lawyers of Atlanta, our Georgia family law attorneys have handled some of our state’s most elaborate divorce cases. The legal professionals at our law firm are dedicated to simplifying the process for our clients, and we’ll work hard to ensure you receive a fair outcome in your divorce settlement. Don’t waste time or simply “hope for the best.” Contact our Atlanta high-asset divorce law firm for a free consultation today.

Why Are High-Asset Divorces So Complicated?

There are various reasons why high-asset divorces are often difficult. First, property division in Georgia is already complex due to our state’s equitable division laws. We’ll discuss this more in the next section. However, high-asset divorces are complicated even in states without such laws. That’s because the process of dividing marital property isn’t as straightforward when cases involve more than just a few properties and bank accounts.

For instance, the valuation of some investment accounts, real estate holdings, retirement accounts, and other high-value personal assets can be a complicated matter. In some cases, financial advisors may be necessary to determine the actual value of properties. Additionally, there are significant tax considerations to account for when divorcing spouses sell properties to divide the proceeds equitably.

These issues are just the tip of the iceberg in divorces with high incomes or valuable assets. That’s why you should work with an Atlanta high-asset divorce attorney to ensure you’re making informed decisions and being treated fairly during the process.

How Does Property Division Work in These Cases?

In Georgia, the divorce process takes an equitable distribution approach. This means that a marital dissolution will not necessarily result in an equal outcome. Factors such as the length of the marriage, a spouse’s ability to financially support themselves, and even matters related to infidelity and abandonment may be considered. If there are children involved, issues related to child custody and support may go into these determinations.

In a best-case scenario, former partners would be able to make these decisions on their own. In fact, this is what Georgia courts hope for. It’s far more beneficial if parties can amicably decide on issues related to a family business, high-value assets, and other issues without dragging things out in court. A high-asset divorce lawyer in Atlanta may be able to help you and your former partner reach such an agreement.

Even when this isn’t possible, having an experienced attorney on your side will prove beneficial. At the Family Lawyers of Atlanta, we always look out for our client’s interests. Our attorneys can serve as a neutral third party for negotiations or advocate on your behalf during litigation. Regardless of your unique situation, we’re here to help.

Are Prenups Valid in High-Asset Divorce Cases?

In cases of a high net-worth divorce, there is often a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement in place. These marital contracts have traditionally been seen as something used by the wealthy. However, the usage rate of such contracts has increased dramatically in recent years. In Georgia, both prenups and postnups are presumed valid as long as the legal requirements have been met.

This means that any marital contract entered into by the parties involved will typically be enforced. This is a great way to protect assets. However, it’s important to note that these agreements can be contested in court. An aggrieved spouse may try to use financial records, claims of coercion, and other issues to argue the contract is not valid. As such, you should speak with a high-asset divorce lawyer in Atlanta to understand your rights.

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Any divorce case that involves significant assets has the potential to get complicated. This can be true even if both parties want an amicable solution — and sometimes even if there’s a prenuptial agreement in place. However, it’s still possible for you to get a fair outcome during divorce proceedings. Having a legal professional advocate for your best interests is the ideal way to reach such an outcome.

At the Family Lawyers of Atlanta, we’ve dealt with many divorce cases involving high-value assets, wealthy individuals, high incomes, and more. In an equitable-division state like Georgia, the process of dividing marital assets can be difficult. This is especially true since subjective issues may be factored into decisions by the court system. Don’t fall victim to an unfair outcome simply because you didn’t understand your rights.

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