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Modifications Lawyers in Atlanta, GA — Assisting Our Clients With Modifying Existing Court Orders

When legal issues arise in family circumstances, things can get complex quickly. Matters such as divorce and situations with children involved often end with court orders or strict agreements. However, circumstances frequently change after such orders are put into place. If you find yourself in such a position, a modifications lawyer in Atlanta, GA, can provide assistance.

At the Family Lawyers of Atlanta, you’ll work with an experienced lawyer who can help you understand your rights. If you hire our law firm for your case, our attorneys will always be focused on your best interest. This means we’ll review your case’s circumstances and fight for a more favorable outcome. Contact us today for a free consultation. Our Atlanta modifications lawyers are here to help.

Are Court Orders Permanent in Georgia?

When a judge issues a court order in Georgia, it has some sense of permanency. That’s because it’s meant to stay in effect while appropriate. However, certain orders can be modified. This is particularly the case in family law issues. That’s because Georgia law recognizes that no situation is permanent.

Something in the best interests of a child now may not still be in their best interest a year from now. Similarly, financial situations can change dramatically after a divorce. However, it’s crucial for you to speak with an Atlanta modifications attorney before making any assumptions.

Not all court orders can be modified, and not all modifiable orders will be granted a modification. A legal professional can help you understand your rights and options — and the most ideal way to move forward. Contact our law firm today to learn more.

What Modifications of Court Orders Are Allowed?

In Georgia, various types of court orders are not modifiable. For instance, decrees of adoption and judgments in civil cases typically cannot be adjusted. However, the majority of orders involved in divorce cases and those with children involved can be changed. You’ll need to speak with an attorney to determine if this is possible in your case, but any party to the following court orders can seek a modification:

Modification of Child Custody

An Atlanta child support modification is possible when circumstances have changed that affect the best interests of a child. Custodial decisions are always based on what’s best for children. As such, a change in the other parent’s wages, living situation, ability to care for their child, or the child’s needs can warrant a modification of child custody.

Child Support Modification

A child support order in Georgia is also based on the child’s interests. Changes in Atlanta child custody, the income of the other parent, the child’s needs, and other related matters can make a modification of child support orders appropriate. Speak with a child support modification attorney at the Family Lawyers of Atlanta to learn more.

Spousal Support Modification

Spousal support payments are meant to ensure a spouse who is economically disadvantaged following a divorce is able to care for themselves. It’s based on one party’s needs and the ability of the other party to pay. Thus, changes in either person’s income, the receiving party’s financial needs, one party’s ability to pay, marital status, or other related issues can warrant a modification.

Can Property Division Orders Be Modified?

When people learn that child custody modifications, changes in parenting time, and other orders can be modified, they often wonder if a property division order can be changed. This is a valid question, and there are some situations where the courts may get involved in these matters after the fact. However, a property division order typically cannot be altered once finalized in Georgia.

The courts have broad discretion in determining whether a decree involving property division has been violated after a divorce. They can even get creative when issuing punitive actions based on such violations. However, they typically cannot change the underlying provisions. Every case is different, though, so it’s vital for you to speak with a legal professional who can help you understand your situation.

And since your initial consultation at the Family Lawyers of Atlanta is free, you have nothing to lose by reaching out today.

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Whether you’re a parent concerned for your child or simply an individual who thinks a current alimony order is unfair, you have rights in Georgia. If there has been a significant change in your circumstances or the circumstances of the other party to your order, a judge may allow a modification. However, it’s important for you to understand what you’re up against before embarking on this process.

At the Family Lawyers of Atlanta, our whole team of Georgia family law attorneys is committed to securing positive outcomes for our clients. In some cases, this simply means filing the appropriate paperwork for a modification based on an agreement between two parties. In other situations, it may mean presenting your case in court to prove that a proposed modification is appropriate.

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