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5 tips to help you peacefully co-parent

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Children who have divorcing parents must learn to live between two homes. This means they have to learn two sets of rules and may wonder when both parents will be able to attend their events. Parents should try to make the children’s transition as easy as possible.

There are several ways parents can make their co-parenting relationship a bit less stressful. These will help them and make the children feel more secure.

#1: Leave the past behind

Don’t keep mentioning the past when dealing with child custody issues unless there is abuse or neglect that directly impacts the children. Instead, focus on what’s going on now and how you can make life better for the kids.

#2: Speak directly to each other

Always speak directly to your ex. Never try to have the children relay messages. It’s possible that they might misspeak or that they could have to deal with a negative reaction.

#3: Focus on the children

The only focus has to be on the children. You can’t think about what makes life more challenging for your ex or easier on you. Additionally, never worry about your ex’s romantic life.

#4: Agree on mutual rules

Having major rules the same in both homes can help make life easier for the children. They won’t have to try to keep two different sets of rules straight. Even if you can’t agree on all the rules, try to agree on things bedtime and homework rules.

#5: Keep transition days calm

The days when children go from one home to the other are often emotional for them. Keep these days calm so they don’t associate transition days with stress. If there are any issues you and your ex need to discuss, don’t do it when you’re with the children.

Parents going through a divorce must ensure they have the parenting plan set quickly. This provides the children with the stability they need to thrive. Working with someone who can help you to come up with solutions to the issues you’re facing is beneficial.

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