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Divorce is never an easy thing to go through. In fact, it’s one of the most complex family law matters dealt with by Georgia courts. Emotions are often high, and even in amicable situations, complicated legalities can make an already stressful situation even worse. Fortunately, a divorce lawyer in Roswell, GA, may be able to simplify the process for you.

At the Family Lawyers of Atlanta, our legal team has extensive experience in divorce family law. We’ve consistently helped our clients navigate the turbulent reality of marital dissolution. We understand that the legal needs of different parties can vary significantly, and that’s why we offer personalized attention to everyone who walks into our law firm.

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How Does the Divorce Process Work in Georgia?

Every divorce can work out differently in the state of Georgia. However, they always begin with a complaint filed with the Superior Court in the appropriate county. At least one spouse must be a Georgia resident for six months prior to filing. The other spouse must then be served with divorce papers, and they’ll have 30 days to respond.

If they fail to respond during this time, a judge may issue a default judgment. This is one form of an uncontested divorce. In a best-case scenario, the parties involved will be able to reach an agreement to resolve issues such as child custody, spousal support, and other matters. If this isn’t possible, lengthy litigation may occur.

Regardless of the unique circumstances of your case, a Roswell divorce attorney can help you understand state and local laws and how they’ll affect the process. Let us review your case and help you figure out how to move forward. Contact our law firm today.

What Are the Major Issues in a Divorce?

Going through a divorce requires a specific legal process. Courts prefer when this can be done amicably, and they’ll often approve whatever settlement agreement a former couple reaches. However, certain matters often make a simple solution difficult. The most common problems that arise involve the following issues:

Property Division

Not all divorces involve child custody, and the matters discussed in the following sections. However, every marital dissolution must include property division determinations. This requires identifying marital assets and debts and dividing them via equitable distribution strategies. This can get complex, so make sure you’re working with a divorce lawyer in Roswell, GA.

Child Custody

Child custody is often one of the most stressful and adversarial issues in a Georgia divorce. You’ll typically encounter issues ranging from parenting plans, visitation rights and deciding who has primary physical and legal custody. The professionals at our Atlanta family law practice have been helping clients understand their rights and argue their cases in court for years.

Child Support

Both parents have a financial obligation to their children. However, only one parent will have to pay child support. This is typically the noncustodial parent, but this may not be the case in some circumstances. Our legal team can help you understand the nuances of your situation.


Spousal support is allowed in Georgia divorces, but it’s not mandatory. Alimony payments are meant to assist one spouse who would be economically disadvantaged due to divorce. These are rarely permanent, and issues such as the length of a marriage, infidelity, and willful desertion can affect spousal support decisions.

Why Should You Work With a Family Law Attorney?

If you search Google for the term divorce attorney in Roswell, GA, you’ll find no shortage of law firms. However, you may be better off speaking with a lawyer who has broader experience in family law. That’s because divorce isn’t a single-issue matter. In fact, just about every area of family law could arise during the divorce process.

Marital dissolution often involves matters of child support, custody, alimony, adoption, marital contracts, domestic violence, asset division and valuation, visitation, inheritance, and more. That’s why you should work with an attorney with extensive experience in all these areas. That’s exactly what you’ll find at the Family Lawyers of Atlanta.

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Any divorce attorney can tell you that the end of a marriage is one of the most difficult family law matters to experience. Rather than involving just one or two challenging issues, people can experience child custody disputes, disagreements over asset division, court battles over alimony, and much more. And even if you’re able to take an amicable approach to divorce, you could still benefit from seeking legal assistance.

At the Family Lawyers of Atlanta, we know that dealing with divorce requires a steel resolve. We can tell you that it’s not an easy process for anyone — even former partners who try to keep things simple. Fortunately, our law firm may be able to help. Contact us today by calling 404-418-7777 to schedule your free consultation. Our divorce lawyers in Roswell, GA, are on standby and ready to assist.