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There is an abundance of complicated issues typical in the divorce process. For instance, the dissolution of certain marriages involves complicated matters such as child custody and support. However, these aren’t problems that everyone has to deal with. On the other hand, the division of assets and liabilities is an issue that all divorces involve. Identifying separate property and struggling to divide marital property can be a tough road. However, a property division lawyer in Roswell, GA, can help simplify the process for you.

At the Family Lawyers of Atlanta, our Georgia family law firm fights daily to secure positive outcomes for our clients. Perhaps you’re going through an amicable divorce and simply want a fair outcome for everyone. Then again, maybe things are contentious — and you’re trying to avoid an unfair outcome that straddles you with burdens for years to come. Regardless of your situation, our Roswell, GA, property division lawyers are here to assist. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

How Does Property Division Work in Georgia?

Georgia is an equitable distribution state. This means that the legal process can play out in unexpected ways. While the word equitable may sound like equal, the two couldn’t be more different. Rather than splitting assets and debts right down the middle, the courts will try to divide marital property in a way that they feel is fair to both parties. This will not necessarily be equal. Here are just a few of the factors that a court may consider during the equitable division process of divorce:

  • Length of marriage
  • Each spouse’s contribution to the marriage
  • Future needs of a spouse
  • Child custody arrangements
  • Income and earning potential
  • Health and age of each spouse
  • Debts and liabilities of each spouse

Marital assets divided equitably could result in a seemingly unfair situation for one spouse. This is especially true if one party already receives child support payments or spousal support. This is why it’s so important for you to work with a divorce attorney. Many decisions in the division of marital assets are subjective, so it’s possible to get a better outcome by simply showing the courts why a particular approach is more equitable.

This can involve proving that certain properties should be considered separate assets, or perhaps there are other legal issues that the court may not immediately consider. No matter the unique circumstances of your situation, property division in Georgia can be a complex process. Let our Roswell, GA, divorce attorneys help you during these difficult times.

When Should Divorce Lawyers Get Involved?

Many soon-to-be-former spouses believe they can resolve their divorce issues on their own. To be clear, some parties are actually able to do this. Georgia courts prefer when people can determine property division issues on their own. And as long as the agreements aren’t wholly unfair and don’t violate the law, a judge will typically sign off on the agreement. However, this does not mean you can’t benefit from hiring a law firm. Involving a legal professional comes with a variety of benefits.

First, you’ll be able to understand your rights and responsibilities fully. There doesn’t have to be malice on the part of either party for an unfair outcome to occur. Simple mistakes or a lack of knowledge regarding the legal process can easily result in a one-sided divorce decree. Additionally, an attorney can ensure you’re following the appropriate legal procedure. This is imperative to prevent issues that could slow down the process and even require you to begin again from the start.

Of course, it’s rare for a couple to initially agree on everything. In these situations, an attorney can listen carefully to what you’re each hoping to achieve and let you know how Georgia law can help you reach your goals. And if your separation cannot be done in an amicable way, having a family law firm on your side can prove invaluable in reaching a positive conclusion. Put simply, the time to hire an attorney is as soon as possible.

What Issues Can Complicate Property Division in Georgia?

When it comes time to separate assets in a divorce, one can only hope for a smooth and uncomplicated process. Unfortunately, this rarely occurs. The truth is that a variety of factors — including a simple mistake or omission by one spouse — can completely derail the process. In a best-case scenario, you’ll recognize when such issues arise. Otherwise, you may end up with a tremendously unfair divorce agreement without even realizing it. Here are just a few of the matters that frequently complicate the proper division of assets during divorce.

  • Separating separate and marital property
  • High-asset divorces
  • Comingling of properties (e.g., bank accounts, businesses)
  • Issues with marital contracts (e.g., prenuptial and postnuptial agreements)
  • Contributions to separate property
  • Emotional attachment to certain properties
  • Property valuations
  • Family business division
  • Tax consequences
  • Hidden assets

These and other factors would not complicate property division in a perfect world. Unfortunately, these issues are often a concern — particularly in equitable division states. Navigating a legal process littered with these matters can become complicated, and that’s precisely why you should contact our law firm. We’ve handled some of the most challenging divorces in the state — including cases involving high assets, contested prenups, complex valuations, and more. In Atlanta and beyond, we’re here to assist. Contact our property division lawyers in Roswell, GA, today.

Why Do You Need a Family Law Attorney?

If you search Google for divorce attorneys in Roswell, GA, there’s no shortage of options available. While these legal professionals may be adept at handling property division, most people garner more value from working with an attorney who takes a broader approach. This is why you should contact a family law attorney in Roswell. The simple fact is that divorces typically include much more than property division, and a lawyer who’s knowledgeable in all these specialties can prove invaluable.

For instance, do you know how having children with your former partner might affect asset division? What if your spouse tries to contest a prenuptial agreement the two of you signed? Will any potential alimony payments affect how assets and liabilities are divided? A family law attorney can help you understand the answers to these questions and more. The simple fact is that all of these matters are interconnected, so work with someone who can help you regardless of the potential situations that may arise.

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Divorce cases would be difficult even if the only things involved were hurt feelings and the end of a relationship. Unfortunately, it’s rarely as simple as that. Under the law, it’s necessary to distinguish separate property from marital assets. This is an essential step in property division. However, the equitable distribution nature of Georgia law means this division is often far more complicated than it needs to be. This is why it’s so important to have a divorce lawyer on your side.

At the Family Lawyers of Atlanta, our team of experienced legal professionals is constantly serving the best interests of our clients. We have extensive experience in all areas of family law. This means we can handle your entire divorce and related practice areas — not just issues linked to asset and debt division. And since we offer free consultations, you’ll get personalized attention and advice in your case without having to break the bank. Contact us today by calling 404-418-7777. Our property division lawyers in Roswell, GA, are here to help.