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Eating disorders and child custody disputes

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Our law office knows that a dispute over child custody can be one of the most intense challenges a parent will ever face. They may be struggling with many different hurdles during a custody dispute, such as a lack of familiarity with their legal options and uncertainty about their child’s future. Moreover, they may feel as if their relationship with their child is in jeopardy (and in some cases it definitely is). Unfortunately, some parents face other hardships as a result of the high stress levels they are enduring, such as developing a substance abuse problem or an eating disorder. 

Those who are suffering from an eating disorder may have increased difficulty in managing their custody case. Whether someone does not eat enough or they eat too much, various health problems may arise and they may have a hard time when it comes to concentrating on their legal options and the ins and outs of the case. It is important to focus on staying healthy during a custody dispute (and afterward), and those who are facing these hardships as a result of unmanageable stress may benefit from gaining a better understanding of their legal options. 

Every custody case has different details that need to be taken into consideration, from the financial circumstances of each parent to the preferences of a child. Other legal matters, such as relocating with a child after divorce, may also need to be taken into consideration. Parents who are working through a custody dispute should take a close look at the numerous factors that can affect how custody is awarded and do their best to ensure that their rights as a parent are respected. 

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