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Child Support Lawyers in Atlanta, GA — Ensuring Our Clients Are Treated Fairly in Issues Involving Their Children

The traditional nuclear family is now a thing of the past. The number of children born to unwed parents has decreased dramatically in recent years. Additionally, high divorce rates mean many youngsters have split families, even when born to married couples. One of the most important matters in these situations is financial support. If you need assistance in this area of the law, a child support lawyer in Atlanta, GA, may be able to help.

At the Family Lawyers of Atlanta, our team of experienced Georgia family law attorneys understands the ins and outs of child support law. We’ve helped our clients secure fair arrangements in divorce settlements, as part of parenting plans, and in many other situations. Child support guidelines in Georgia can be complex, but our law firm is here to help. Contact us today for a free initial consultation. We’ll help you understand your rights.

Who Has to Make Child Support Payments?

Under Georgia law, each parent has a financial obligation to support their child. However, the courts assume that the custodial parent is meeting these obligations. That’s why the noncustodial parent will typically have to make payments in family law cases. The courts determine child support obligations by using the Income Shares Model — which looks at both parents’ incomes and includes a variety of subjective factors.

For instance, judges will consider the amount of parenting time each party has with their child. The youngster’s established standard of living is also considered — along with how many children are involved and other factors. Clearly, Atlanta child support can be a complex issue. Most parents are committed to caring for their children, but it’s not uncommon to need legal assistance to help the courts fully understand their situation.

The Family Lawyers of Atlanta is serving Atlanta parents and helping them secure fair outcomes in child support cases.

Can a Child Support Attorney Help You?

If you look at the child support guidelines in Georgia, you may think that an attorney is unnecessary. After all, the rules establishing financial obligations are relatively straightforward — even if there is significant subjectivity in child support calculations. However, it’s important to understand that not one of these cases is as clear-cut as one might believe. For instance, did you know that it’s possible that the custodial parent may have to start paying child support to the other parent?

This is a rare situation that typically results from high-asset divorces in Atlanta, but it goes to show that nuances exist in the law. Another situation that could arise is a parent hiding assets to lessen their obligation, or perhaps gross income isn’t clear due to one party being self-employed. In these and other situations, a Georgia child support lawyer can use forensic accountants to help track down assets and ensure a fair outcome. At the Family Lawyers of Atlanta, our attorneys have the legal experience to help in these and other situations.

Can Child Support Orders Be Modified?

Atlanta, GA lawyers who deal in family law understand that situations can change. Fortunately, the law also recognizes this reality. This is why any child support order issued by a judge or agreed upon by parents is not necessarily permanent. The law makes the best interests of a child paramount in these cases. And since these best interests can change, a modifications attorney in Atlanta can prove invaluable to your case.

Any significant change in circumstances could warrant a child support modification. This could include changes to either parent’s income, the amount of time spent with the child, new children being born, and various other shifts in circumstances. However, it’s vital for you to pay any child support owed and avoid ending payments simply because your situation has changed. The current court order will remain in effect until a modification is approved.

Failing to meet your obligations could result in child support enforcement actions. Don’t risk your freedom and the well-being of your youngster. Contact an experienced child support attorney in Atlanta today.

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Whether you’re a custodial parent trying to enforce a support order or a paying parent in need of a change, it’s important for you to understand your rights and obligations under the law. Georgia requires parents to support their children financially, so establishing child support arrangements is necessary. However, these situations don’t always turn out fair when judges have to issue a court order. This is why you need skilled legal representation on your side.

At the Family Lawyers of Atlanta, our legal team will advocate tirelessly on your behalf in your child support case. We know that these issues can be complex, and the law simply cannot account for every possible scenario. And since Georgia statutes are even more complex than other state laws, it’s vital for you to have local legal representation on your side. Our child support lawyers in Atlanta, GA, are here to help.

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