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Most people hope that they can raise a child with someone they’re in a relationship with. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t always work out this way. Whether you’re getting divorced or currently share no relationship with your child’s other parent, it’s important to understand your rights and obligations involving the financial support of your youngster. Unfortunately, issues related to this matter can get very complex. This is why you should consult with a child support lawyer in Roswell, GA, to understand your situation better.

At the Family Lawyers of Atlanta, our team of Georgia family law attorneys understands how difficult it can be to raise a child. Perhaps you’re in a situation where you need support from the other parent, or maybe you feel you’re currently paying too much based on your circumstances. Regardless of the underlying facts of your case, an experienced legal professional can help you navigate the child support process. Contact our law firm for a free consultation today. Our Roswell child support lawyers are here to help.

Who Has to Make Child Support Payments Under Georgia Law?

If you’re thinking along the lines of traditional gender roles, you might automatically assume that it’s the male in a relationship who has to pay child support. Of course, this is outdated thinking. Women have taken a more prominent role in the workforce, and more fathers are becoming stay-at-home dads than ever before. Additionally, individuals in same-sex relationships are often in situations where there is no mother-father dynamic. Clearly, traditional thinking simply isn’t enough. That’s why there is no single answer to “Who has to pay child support in Georgia?” This financial obligation can fall to either parent.

In most cases, it’s the noncustodial parent who will have to uphold child support obligations. The courts assume that the custodial parent will have possession of the child more often. As such, the other parent will need to provide support payments. And since Georgia does not grant child custody to the mother or father by default, either parent may end up owing money. The critical thing to remember is that each party has a financial obligation to their child. Typically, courts assume that the custodial parent is meeting this obligation by having more time with the youngster.

However, there are nuances to these issues. That’s why you should speak with a Roswell, GA, child support attorney before moving forward.

How Are Child Support Calculations Made?

Child support issues are complex regardless of where you live. However, our state tends to make things even more complicated. That’s because there is no set child support calculator in Georgia. While there are certain calculations involved — typically based on both parents’ incomes and how many children they share — a judge’s final decision can be much more subjective. That’s because all the following factors may be considered when initially deciding financial obligations or changing an existing child support order:

  • Amount of time spent with each child
  • Child care expenses
  • Health insurance and medical costs
  • Education expenses
  • Other child support obligations

While this means any court order could result from subjective measures, the child support guidelines are relatively straightforward. You might need an attorney to understand them fully and to represent your interests properly, but it’s often easy to predict how a specific case will conclude. However, unique situations can change expected outcomes. For example, the higher earner in a Georgia high-asset divorce or relationship may end up having to make payments even if they’re the custodial parent.

Due to this and other potential nuances, it’s important that you discuss these legal issues with an experienced child support lawyer in Roswell, GA. Contact the Law Office of Family Lawyers of Atlanta today.

Can Child Support Orders Be Modified?

Whether you’re in the Atlanta metro area or elsewhere in rural Georgia, the same child support laws apply to everyone. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a support order is set in stone. The most common situation where this is true is during a divorce. A judge could issue a temporary support order while a case plays out. At the conclusion of divorce proceedings, this temporary order will typically expire and be replaced by a permanent order.

Still, it’s essential to understand that even permanent orders are not permanent. That’s because Georgia allows modifications when significant changes in circumstances have occurred since the issuance of an order. For instance, what if your former spouse’s income has dramatically increased since the initial order? What if your income has significantly dropped? These situations and others — including changes in the child’s needs, the birth of another child, residency changes, work schedule updates, and changes to time spent with parents — can justify a new court order.

If you need a child support modification, reach out to our law firm today for legal help.

How Can a Roswell, GA Child Support Attorney Help?

If you’re experiencing child support issues, you might think you can handle them on your own. After all, isn’t it the courts that will dictate who owes child support obligations? And if a parent fails to pay, won’t the Division of Family and Children Services handle the case? The answer to both these questions is “yes,” but that doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from a Roswell child support attorney.

A legal professional with experience in this field can help you understand your rights and obligations. Additionally, lawyers can prove particularly useful in a state like Georgia — where child support guidelines are highly subjective. And even if you’re in a position where you cannot meet your child support obligation, an experienced legal professional can help you seek a modification so you don’t end up on the wrong side of the law.

There are a million situations you might find yourself in, and in each case, the assistance of a Roswell, GA, child support lawyer can prove invaluable.

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Every child support case is unique in Georgia. Unlike other states, Georgia has no specific formula dictating how these matters will be handled. Anything from medical costs to time spent with a child can affect a person’s support obligation. Due to the often-subjective nature of such a court order, many parents opt to seek advice from a legal professional who will represent their interests. The law is very clear that both parents must provide financial care for their children. However, an attorney can help you better understand child support guidelines and how to ensure you receive a fair outcome.

At the Family Lawyers of Atlanta, our law firm is committed to securing the best possible results for our clients. In some cases, this means establishing a fair divorce decree where both parents agree on financial support. In other situations, this could mean seeking a modification due to a substantial change in circumstances. Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, our child support lawyers in Roswell, GA, are ready to provide assistance. Contact us today by calling 404-418-7777 to schedule your free consultation. We’ll advocate tirelessly on your behalf.