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Co-parenting questions to ask during the school year

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If you’ve gotten divorced over the summer, this may be your first school year as a co-parent. Even if it isn’t the very first year, you know that this can still change the dynamic of your relationship with your children. You may even have to change your custody schedule from the one that you used all summer.

As you and your former spouse work your way through this process, it’s important to know what questions to ask. It’s always wise to put the children first, and planning ahead is certainly one way that you can do that. Here are just a few questions to consider at this time.

Should you tell the teacher?

In some cases, it can be very beneficial to tell the child’s teacher about your divorce. This helps the teacher anticipate any behavioral changes and provide support.

Who should be allowed to do pick-ups and drop-offs?

Do you want to restrict pick-ups at school to simply you or your ex? Or do you feel comfortable with a grandparent or even a babysitter doing it? The school needs to know who is allowed, and you and your ex need to agree.

Should you use the same rules?

Some child behavior experts do note that stability is important for children and that this is why consistency in rules can help them after a divorce. You’re not obligated to do this, but setting up the same rules may help your children perform better. For instance, you and your ex could both have similar rules about when homework has to be done or what types of grades you expect.

These questions can help you consider your co-parenting relationship, but they will likely lead to many more. Be sure you know about all of your legal options to ensure things go smoothly.

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