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Why should you consider an uncontested divorce?

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A common notion among many is that divorce must happen in court before a judge who decides how everything will go. However, it is not the case, and divorce does not have to be an antagonistic affair. You can agree to have an uncontested divorce.

Here, you and your spouse will sit down together and agree on how you will dissolve your marriage. When you reach a consensus on things like alimony, property division, child support, and custody, all you have to do is formalize the divorce agreement in court. If the terms are fair, the judge will approve them, thus finalizing your divorce.

The benefits of an uncontested divorce

With an uncontested divorce, you are more in control of the situation, unlike when you leave it to the court. Therefore, you can tailor the divorce settlement according to your wishes or prevailing circumstances.

Avoiding a divorce contest is a cheaper and faster way of settling your divorce. You will not have to go through drawn-out court hearings, typical of court proceedings, and you do not have to deal with the associated legal fees.

An uncontested divorce prevents conflict or a strained relationship with your spouse. If there are children involved, it is best to avoid a charged atmosphere and maintain cordial relations since you have to co-parent together. You will also preserve family privacy when you avoid a contested divorce.

Protecting your rights in an uncontested divorce

While there are benefits to settling your divorce out of court, it is equally essential to safeguard your interests and ensure you do not lose out at the end of the day.

Learning more about what to expect during negotiations with your spouse and your rights regarding the children and marital assets will help you make the most of this peaceful alternative of settling your divorce.

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