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Starting in January and continuing through March, attorneys see an uptick in the occurrence of divorce filings. Perhaps the holiday season pushed you to a final breaking point, or you were holding out on making a final decision for a couple of months until after the holidays passed.

If divorce is unavoidable and you find yourself among those filing for divorce this winter, you’re not alone. Even though you’re facing an emotional and stressful time, there are things you can do to give yourself more control and help the process to go a little smoother.

Here are some things you can do to ready yourself:

  • Avoid social media: While it’s become second nature to post and share about everything, try to give social media a break before and during your divorce. Posts and pictures can be taken out of context and anything you share can be used against you in court, even well-meaning information. It will also be tempting to share details about your split or talk negatively about your ex, but choosing the high road will be more beneficial in the long run.
  • Take care of yourself: To deal with the inevitable stress, find the help you need. Whether it be a divorce coach, an emotional therapist or escaping to a yoga class, take time away from your daily happenings to make yourself stronger and more confident. Taking time for yourself will leave you with a more positive mindset.
  • Learn what you can: Educate yourself about the ins and outs of the process ahead of you and the proactive steps you’ll need to proceed with conviction. Having the information you need will empower you to make the right decisions going forward and give you the knowledge to take an active role in the process.
  • Gather your financial information: Find and assemble your financial documents including pay stubs, tax returns, investment information, information about retirement accounts, credit card statements and any other relevant data. Find what you need to have the full picture of your finances.

While divorce can be an overwhelming process, being prepared can help you to navigate it more successfully. If you’ve resolved to move on, an experienced divorce attorney can advise you on the best course of action to ensure a reasonable and fair result.

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