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How do judges typically award child custody?

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Georgia judges generally award joint custody. This provides both parents with a shared right to make decisions for their children and spend time with them. A parent’s legal custody rights include involvement in matters concerning a child’s religion, schooling and medical treatment.

A child usually lives with the parent awarded physical custody and has regularly scheduled visits with the other parent. If you wish to build a strong relationship with your children, you may need to petition the court to include the specific details in your divorce decree.

What does a joint custody arrangement require?

During your divorce, you may negotiate joint or shared custody issues with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Parents who live near each other and close to their children’s school may create a shared custody schedule.

Describing which weeks or months your children will live with you and when they will stay with your ex-spouse could become part of your court order. Not complying with an order may result in a civil action.

When can I apply for sole custody of my kids?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2017 data, 27% of minor children live with only one parent. As reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, nearly 16% resided with a single father.

When a judge decides on awarding custody, gender does not usually count as a factor in the Peach State. If you wish for sole physical custody, however, you may need to prove your ability to take care of your children.

Parents with physical custody need to maintain a clean and comfortable residence. Your income and financial support from your ex-spouse may help with your request. Your children may also have a say in whether the arrangement would work for them.

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