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When a distant parent tries to win a custody dispute

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Working through a child custody case is tough for a lot of reasons, such as the strain this process often places on parents and the emotional difficulties that arise from a child’s point of view. Unfortunately, some cases are very complex and there are so many different factors that parents have to consider when it comes to managing a custody battle. In this post, we will look into some of the challenges that arise when dealing with a parent who has missed out on many months (or years) of a child’s life, as well as parents who were physically present but uninvolved in their child’s life. 

It is often very challenging for parents who have primarily taken care of their child for many years to see the other child’s parent step in during a divorce and claim that they deserve custody. Sometimes, they even claim that their former partner is not fit to raise the child for one reason or another (and these claims are completely false, in some instances). When deciding how to award custody, many issues are considered, such as the child’s preferences and relationship with each parent. It is imperative for parents who are worried about custody matters to take steps to prepare for court and present their side properly. 

With so much at stake, custody disputes are overwhelming. However, a focused and careful approach is imperative. If your former partner is trying to prevent you from having access to your child, or you are worried about them gaining custody (or even visitation) rights due to abuse or some other reason, please make sure you are ready to stand up for yourself in court. Our custody page offers more related to custody battles. 

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