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Friends may be the spark a person needs to get divorced

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A Georgia resident who is on the fence about getting divorced may be silently encouraged to separate by their friends. If friends have already gone through divorce, one might see that separation can be a way to move forward as opposed to a bad way to end a relationship. Individuals may look even more favorably on divorce if a friend’s split was amicable or relatively free of drama.

The chances that a person gets divorced after seeing a friend or family member do so depends on many factors. For instance, a person is 147 percent more likely to divorce if multiple people in their social circles have done so. If a sibling gets divorced, an individual is 22 percent more likely to follow suit. It is important to note that these people who are influenced to divorce are likely in unhappy marriages to begin with.

In many cases, they may regret who they chose to marry or regret the fact that they had children. Researchers caution that an individual should evaluate the pros and cons of getting a divorce based on how it will impact their own life. This is because friends may tend to project their own experiences onto others, which may result in receiving bad advice about ending a relationship.

When a person decides to get a divorce, there are many issues that may need to be resolved. For instance, spouses might discuss child support or issues pertaining to division of marital property. If a prenuptial agreement was created, an attorney could review it to determine if it is still valid. If it is, it may be possible to settle a divorce based on its terms in a timely manner.

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