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The Dangers Of Parental Alienation

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Divorce and separation often involve intense emotions. The turmoil that goes along with these difficult transitions can give way to bitterness and hostility. If you have minor children, they may quickly pick up on the underlying resentment between you two. It’s important to protect children from the negativity of divorce and separation — and to shield them from adult issues.

Damaging Parental Behaviors

Unfortunately, some parents try to use children as leverage. They may even treat the kids as weapons in a war against their ex, manipulating the children and maligning the other parent in front of them.

This pattern of parenting — called parental alienation or hostile aggressive parenting — can be highly damaging to children. They aren’t equipped to deal with such burdens. They should never be made to feel that the divorce is their fault. They shouldn’t feel forced to choose sides, and they should never have to feel guilty for spending time with the other parent.

Is your ex trying to turn your children against you? You have a right to put a stop to it.

In fact, you may be able to petition the court for a custody change to shield the children from emotional harm. You may also be able to request an accompanying change in child support. The important thing is to stop the problem before it gets worse.

Let Us Help Protect Your Children’s Well-Being

At Family Lawyers of Atlanta, we can help you take decisive action against parental alienation in divorce, whether that means pursuing enforcement of child custody orders or seeking a change in custody and support. Our highest priority is to protect the well-being of children. Applying in-depth knowledge of Georgia family law as well as creative problem-solving skills, our attorney will help you shield your children from harm.

Learn more about your situation by calling 404-418-7777 or sending us an email. Free initial consultations with lawyer Family Lawyers of Atlanta are available at any of our office locations in Atlanta, Marietta, Snellville, Duluth and our main office in Roswell. Evening and weekend appointments are also available if necessary.

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