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What should I do before filing for a divorce?

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One of the more complex parts of a divorce is dividing assets. Property division is complex due to the separation of personal and marital property.

It also can become tricky if not all assets are known to you. According to FindLaw, one of the most important things to do before you file your case is to find all the assets you and your spouse own.


You should begin with an inventory of all your assets. Write down everything you know about, including tangible and intangible items. It is very important to look for clues as you work that indicate there are assets you may not know about. Make note of any potential hidden assets.

Hidden items

The next step is to investigate those things you feel may exist, but that you do not have proof for. For example, if you feel your spouse may have another bank account due to missing money, then you need to investigate to see if you can find a paper trail or electronic trail leading to that account.

Forensic accountant

It can be difficult to find hidden assets on your own because you do not know if they really exist. In addition, you could be completely in the dark and not even see signs of a hidden asset even though it does exist. If you have concerns, you should hire a forensic accountant, which is a professional who has the skills to uncover assets someone wants to keep hidden.

It is incredibly important that you know of all the assets in your marriage because if you do not include all of them in your divorce petition, then the court cannot divide them properly. You will lose out on a claim to any asset you do not include in your petition.

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