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3 ways to reach a settlement for an uncontested divorce

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Uncontested divorces are usually cheaper and faster than litigated divorces. However, they require that spouses figure out how to handle their property division, custody and support issues outside of court.

Thankfully, there are multiple different tactics that you could employ to help you and your ex resolve your disputes and arrange for an uncontested filing.

Creating a marital agreement

If you signed a prenuptial agreement when you first got married, you are already in a good position to file for an uncontested divorce. If you did not sign an agreement before getting married, you can negotiate one when you realize your marriage is in trouble. A postnuptial agreement can serve many of the same purposes as a prenuptial agreement and can help you divorce with less conflict.

Collaborating with your ex and their attorney

In a collaborative divorce, former spouses negotiate with one another through their attorneys to reach an appropriate settlement. Having the attorneys involved helps ensure that one spouse does not take advantage of the other, and the collaborative process allows couples to address major issues that they may not want to discuss in court.

Working with a mediator when you can’t solve issues without help

Former spouses often find it hard to cooperate at the end of their marriage. Even if their attorneys agree that collaboration would be beneficial, the conflict between spouses may be too high for them to work together. Bringing in a neutral mediator can help resolve conflicts and pave the way for a settlement that both spouses agree is fair.

Using one of these three methods could allow you and your ex to file an uncontested divorce and retain total control over the outcome of the dissolution of your marriage.

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