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Supervised visitation preserves relationships

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If there are concerns over a Georgia parent’s ability to safely interact with a child, a court may mandate supervised visitation. It may take place at the parent’s house, a public place or any other location where the safety of the child can be guaranteed. In most cases, a social worker or another person in a similar role will ensure that the interaction is safe and productive for both the parent and the child.

Supervised visitation orders can either be permanent or temporary depending on the circumstances of a given case. Temporary orders may be lifted after the parent goes to rehab or an investigation finds no credible evidence of abuse. Those who are subject to a supervised custody order should look to find ways to show the court that they are fit to parent their children in a less structured manner.

If a parent wants to change a custody order, he or she will need to appear before the judge who created it. Generally speaking, an order will not simply expire on its own without verification that a parent does not pose a danger to his or her son or daughter. Parents who are alleged to have abused their children are encouraged to cooperate with the investigation as best that they can.

The parent-child relationship is one that courts will generally go to great lengths to protect. Therefore, parents may be granted visitation rights if there is a way to do so without putting a child in danger. An attorney may help a parent obtain supervised visitation or other rights to a son or daughter. Legal counsel may also help individuals who believe that a former spouse is a danger to their children no matter what types of safeguards are put in place.

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