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How to ensure you uncover all assets in your divorce

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In your divorce papers, it is important to include all assets you own. If you leave something out, the Georgia court cannot consider it when dividing property. That is why it is essential that you do a complete inventory of all assets you and your spouse own, including uncovering any you may not know about.

It is not farfetched to think that your spouse may hide assets from you, especially if your marriage is breaking up due to a lack of trust. Forbes explains that uncovering assets is not always an easy task, but you need to be thorough about it and check every possibility.

Do not count on your spouse

You cannot rely on your spouse to tell you the truth about assets that you do not know about. He or she may tell you there are not any. If you do uncover something, your spouse may say he or she sold it to someone or transferred the property. You need to get to the truth through substantial evidence, usually documentation.

Digging deep

The first place to look is in bank account and credit card statements. Look for expenditures you do not recognize or withdrawals you did not make. You want to find unusual or odd transactions that might indicate the purchase of an asset.

You can also check public records, which may tell you about some more expensive assets. Do a check for your spouse’s name and any other name that you feel might apply. For example, a relative or friend who may be willing to hide property for your spouse.

Lastly, check your tax records. While your spouse may hide assets from you, he or she may not be willing to take the chance of hiding them from the IRS. You may find some helpful information hiding in your past tax records.

You should always look for hidden assets even if you think there are none. The worst that may happen is you find out there are not any.

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