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What are some grounds for divorce in Georgia?

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If you live in Georgia and want to divorce your spouse, state law requires that you meet one or more requirements that allow the process to begin. Legal Zoom notes that you must be a Georgia resident for at least six months before you can file for divorce; however, you must also name a reason for the dissolution of your marriage. 

Learning about grounds for divorce in Georgia may help you handle the process with more confidence, especially if your spouse will not allow you an uncontested divorce. 

No-fault divorce

The state of Georgia allows for no-fault divorces, which means that both you and your spouse agree that your marriage is not repairable and divorce is the most reasonable solution. You can include this in your divorce petition, which you must submit to the court for the process to begin. Your spouse will receive a copy of this document as well. 

Fault-based divorce

If you want to file for a fault-based divorce in Georgia, you must provide proof of your claims to the court. The state may accept several different circumstances for this type of divorce, including: 

  • A forced marriage  
  • Physical or mental abuse  
  • Desertion of spouse and children  

If you choose to petition the court for a fault-based divorce, understand that the process may take longer than the no-fault option, especially if your spouse is not a presence in your life and you are unsure of his or her whereabouts. 

Child support and alimony may also play a part in the type of divorce you require. Your local court may offer you guidelines concerning these matters. 

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