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Common myths regarding non-custodial parents

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Lots of divorces in Georgia involve child custody issues. In many cases, one non-custodial parent will not have physical custody of the kids. However, this mother or father may still persuade a judge to grant them legal custody. Many non-custodial parents also have frequent visitation rights and spend ample time with their children.

Unfortunately, there are several invalid theories that exist regarding non-custodial parents. For example, many believe that they are deadbeats who do not want to support their children. The truth is that most non-custodial parents do meet their child support obligation.

Another myth is that non-custodial parents are always dads. It’s true that this was usually the case in the past. However, more contemporary courts recognize the fact that fathers play significant roles in the lives of their children. Consequently, many family courts grant joint custody to dads. These judges value the concept of parent-child relationships.

Another common myth is that the majority of non-custodial parents do not want to have any involvement in the lives of their children. On the contrary, numerous non-custodial parents make efforts to spend quality time with their kids. Also, many of these parents make major financial sacrifices to raise their kids. This is especially true on the days that non-custodial parents get temporary custody.

It is difficult to determine child support obligations. Scheduling an appointment with a family law attorney can help smooth out any emotional wrinkles involving child custody matters. Whether issues involve parental relocation or child support, a divorce attorney can help in all matters regarding family law.

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