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Strategies to reduce messy conflicts in high-assets divorces

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When a wealthy Georgia couple decides to end their marriage, the high stakes could inspire lengthy disputes and costly court battles. Such drama is not inevitable, however, as long as the spouses manage their emotions and embrace compromises. Individuals with a high net worth might also run companies, and they should consider how the divorce could impact operations and profits.

To limit emotions from spilling over into social or work lives, a soon-to-be ex should refrain from making negative comments in public about the divorce. They should not serve divorce papers at workplaces or create other situations that could incite gossip or make colleagues question a person’s ability to perform a job. By controlling the emotions, at least in public, spouses might improve their ability to consider the financial terms of the divorce in a practical manner.

Professional services from accountants, business valuation specialists or financial planners will likely be needed to establish the financial aspects of the marriage and the impacts of a divorce. After the partners learn how much money is involved, they can begin to decide their top priorities and identify areas where they can compromise. These decisions could aid spouses during negotiations. If their positions begin to overlap with opposing parties, they should consider settling and finish the divorce agreement.

Legal representation is typically appropriate for high-income professionals and entrepreneurs during the divorce process. An attorney could inform a client about rights to certain property and explain how state laws could designate assets as either marital or nonmarital. Legal counsel could also provide support during negotiations with the other partner and their lawyer.

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