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Why are gray divorces becoming more common?

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In the last several years, you may have noticed more people divorcing over the age of 50. In the past, you may not have seen so many divorcing at an older age, but with the changes in how divorce is viewed and no longer making it as taboo as it once was, it is becoming more normalized to divorce at any age.

There are all kinds of reasons that gray divorces are becoming more common. Some of them include that people:

  • Are living longer and deciding that they don’t want to be with the same partner that whole time.
  • Are able to meet more people from all over the world online, so they can find a new partner more easily.
  • Are tired of having conflicts with one another and decide to leave the relationship.
  • Get tired of financial issues and want to take steps to solidify their retirements for themselves.
  • Have easy access to online matchmaking, which may increase infidelity.
  • Are more aware of addictions and that they do not have to remain with an abusive or addicted partner.

These and many other factors play a role in the uptick in gray divorces.

Are gray divorces more difficult than divorces at a younger age?

They aren’t necessarily more difficult, but they do involve different factors. This is another reason that gray divorces may be more common now, since people are able to more easily see a way out of a relationship even when their finances and lives are closely intertwined.

While divorcing at a younger age might be easier in some ways, older adults usually don’t have to worry about factors like child custody or child support. They may be well off financially, making it easier to divide assets and move forward independently without their spouse’s support.

Since all people have a right to work and build their careers, that independence can make divorcing easier at any age. Separate retirement accounts and assets may give the cushion some older people need to choose to divorce when their relationships are no longer working in their favor.

At any age, if you want to get a divorce, you should have a right to it. You’ll need to think about the factors involved in your case, but there is usually a positive way for you to move forward.

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