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Winning back custody of children

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Losing custody of a child happens to many parents in Georgia whether it is to an ex-spouse, a relative or to the state. It is possible for many parents to get custody back. A parent in this situation should carefully evaluate the situation and create a plan for regaining custody of their children.

One of the first things a parent should do is to understand why they lost custody of their children in the first place. If there was an accusation of abuse or neglect, it is very important that a parent in this situation to be honest with themselves about why a court ruled the way it did.

Attitude is very important when appearing in family courts. Even if a parent does not agree with a court’s ruling, it is important to listen very carefully to what a judge says and follow all directions. Parents who will appear at a hearing where there will be a ruling on their custody case should consider their presentation.

If it is not possible to get full custody back right away, parents may consider how to at least get more visitation with their children than they have currently. For example, if visitation is supervised, a good goal may be to work toward getting unsupervised visitation.

An attorney experienced in child custody litigation may be able to assist parents who want to get custody of their children back. Post-decree modifications in a custody case are based on changes that have occurred since the last order. An attorney may be able to help a client demonstrate that there has been a change in circumstances and that a modification of the custody arrangement is in the best interest of the child. For example, if a parent has moved or experienced a change in income these could be reasons for a judge to reconsider the current custody arrangement.

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