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What Might You Expect During Your Divorce?

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Conflicting emotions often accompany divorce. You might feel guilty about exploring your options or you may wonder if you will be able to support yourself if you proceed with your dissolution of marriage. Whatever your concerns may be, our dedicated family law attorney can meet you where you are to help you understand your options and provide guidance throughout your divorce process.

At Family Lawyers of Atlanta, we handle a wide range of divorce matters for clients in Atlanta and the surrounding communities. We support you throughout your journey, as you choose what is most important to you.

Every Divorce Is Unique

Divorce can be a scary time, especially when you do not know what to anticipate throughout the process. While every family has a unique experience, some matters remain characteristic of divorce. During your divorce process, you will likely:

  • Seek wise counsel – When you are in a heightened emotional state, it can be difficult to make good choices or remain strong in fighting for your best interests. Whether you consider legally separating, feel unsafe in a high-conflict situation or worry about losing your home, Ms. Herron provides open and honest communication to keep you informed about your options.
  • Strategize the terms of your divorce – In regard to property division, Georgia is considered an equitable distribution state – your marital assets will not necessarily be divided equally. We will work with you to determine the full worth of your marital estate. This might include business valuation, retirement accounts, tax implications and any hidden income-earning assets which might factor into your settlement or alimony agreement.
  • Develop plans for co-parenting your children – Maintaining your children’s standard of living as well as their physical and emotional health is of utmost importance. We help you find manageable solutions for child-related matters such as custody disputes and child support agreements.

Although these might be common steps toward reaching a divorce settlement, we provide individualized attention to your specific concerns.

The First Step: Schedule A Consultation With Family Lawyers of Atlanta

Before you make a decision, be sure to get all the necessary information. There is no judgment here; only empathy. Call 404-418-7777 to schedule your free consultation with our divorce lawyer today. You may also email our firm. Our firm accepts credit cards as payment for services at all our offices in Roswell, Duluth, Marietta and Snellville.
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