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How do you ask for a divorce?

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“I want a divorce” may only be four words. However, many people find them extremely difficult to say. They spend weeks or even months practicing how they will say this to their spouse and respond to what might come next. While it is typically best to get it over and done with once you are sure you want one, a bit of planning helps.

First, it helps to understand what will happen next, especially if you fear your spouse will react with violence or underhanded tactics such as trying to cut you off financially. Second, timing it right can make it easier for both of you and any children you have. Here are some things to consider.

Put safety first

Let’s say you are into rock climbing. Breaking the news to your spouse during your climb is going to freak them out, putting you both in danger. The same applies when driving or anything else that requires concentration.

Be considerate

Your spouse will not appreciate you asking for divorce minutes before they enter a crucial business meeting or professional exam. It’s not fair to do it on special dates such as their birthday or Christmas, either. That could ruin that date forever for them and your kids.

Work out what happens next

Once you say your piece, everything will change. Are you both going to stay in the family home for now? Will you still be able to sit side by side at your child’s soccer match tomorrow?

If you are considering divorce, seek legal help to understand more about the issues you will face and begin your preparations.

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