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How to handle a child custody case in a mature manner

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In a perfect world, parents in Georgia and throughout the country would be able to resolve custody issues on their own. However, there are times in which parents choose to resolve their issues in front of a judge. This happens even if it means potentially jeopardizing the chance for a healthy relationship with a son or daughter. Fathers should realize that they have equal rights when it comes to spending time with their children.

While mothers are still more likely to receive custody, most courts recognize that this isn’t always the best solution. The goal when creating a custody or visitation request is to create reasonable terms. Any custody or visitation plan should focus on the needs of the child as opposed to the needs of the parent. In some cases, this may mean getting past any negative feelings an individual may have toward a former spouse.

Ideally, each parent will be able to respect the fact that the other should have a strong relationship with their child. In most cases, children want and need the love and attention that both parents provide either together or as individuals. The only exception would be in cases where a child put in a dangerous situation when around a mother or father.

The parent-child relationship is an important bond that may be worth preserving at all costs. When built properly, this relationship may remain strong for an entire lifetime. However, if parents let their emotions dictate how they resolve a child custody matter, that bond could be broken or strained. Therefore, it may be a good idea for a parent to hire an attorney to help with a custody dispute. This may allow for a resolution to the matter that preserves the best interests of the child.

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