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Premarital arrangements can save marriages

Property Division Issues

The divorce rate in Georgia is among the highest in the United States; according to statistics compiled by the Census Bureau, the divorce demographics of the Peach State can be as high as 18.9 percent in cities such as Atlanta. The main reasons for legal separations in Georgia are not different than for the rest of the country: Money and strained communications top the list, and these are issues that could alleviated with prenuptial agreements.

Premarital contracts tend to be seen by many couples as intimidating and unappealing to the romantic aspect of marriage; however, people tend to overlook the positive side of these arrangements. Having frank discussions about what the future may bring can actually make marriages stronger. Many couples believe that a 50-50 division of their assets will qualify as equitable distribution in case of a marriage dissolution, but this is not the case in many divorce proceedings.

The advantage of prenuptial agreements is not limited to declaring property interests; since these arrangements are made at a time when couples are loving and amenable, they can protect against emotional adversity in the future. Spouses are bound to encounter differences at various points during their marriages, and these differences can breed resentment and other emotions that cloud their judgement.

When things get rough and the prospect of a legal separation is looming, couples can take solace in knowing that their prenuptial agreements will be invoked, hopefully making things easier for both. It is important to remember that these arrangements can also be made after the wedding; postnuptial agreements may save couples from having to endure a harsh divorce because they will already have made certain concessions and provisions that help minimize acrimony.

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