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Is this summer your season for divorce?

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Not everyone is a fan of summer. When the school year ends, you may be one of those who long for the Georgia winter or at least for a cooler season. However, the rising temperature may not be the only reason for your unhappiness.

If you and your spouse are struggling in your marriage, you may be dreading this summer, especially if it means spending more time together, such as on vacation. It is not uncommon for couples in trouble to make life-changing decisions after a long, hot summer.

What do January and August have in common?

January is commonly called the divorce month. Starting the new year with a clean break seems to be the path many couples choose. However, a recent report shows that January is not the only month when divorces spike. Many couples file for divorce in August when the summer is winding down. Some speculate that these two times of year have certain things in common.

For example, you may spend more time with your spouse over the winter holidays as well as in the summer. This time together can exacerbate existing tensions or create added resentment. In winter, you may have high expectations for the holidays, and in summer, you may have similar hopes for your vacation. When these events let you down, you may decide to take a closer look at your marriage.

Don’t wait until fall

Divorce is rarely something that comes out of nowhere. Chances are you have entertained the idea for some time. If you are considering ending your marriage in the near future, now is the time to begin gathering the information you need to ensure your divorce process goes smoothly and that you understand the rights you have to protect. Obtaining information does not necessarily mean you are going through with a divorce. In fact, what you learn about the process may make you realize divorce is not the answer.

On the other hand, if you the answers to your questions lead you to the conclusion that you are ready to end the marriage, you will want time to prepare yourself financially and emotionally. This may not be the right time to involve the children. In fact, some experts suggest keeping the kids out of the conversation until you have begun the divorce process. However, it is a good time to seek sound legal advice about your options.

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