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How to create a parenting plan that works

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Georgia parents who are no longer in a relationship with each other may have to work out a parenting schedule so that they can both spend time with their children. When people are trying to create a parenting schedule, it is a good idea for them to think about several things so that the plan that they end up with is one that will work best for them.

It is important for parents to try to think about their parenting schedules from the perspectives of their children. Figuring out how the children might feel about the schedule can help to provide some guidance to the parents. While some children may not like going between both homes frequently, they might feel worse if they are unable to see one of their parents very often.

Parents should also take into account the distance between their homes. It is much easier to have more liberal visitation schedules when the homes are closer together. Transportation is a factor that should be considered along with the ability of both parents to get their children to school and to extracurricular activities.

Divorcing parents who are going through child custody matters may have to contend with a number of related issues such as parental relocation, child support obligations and others. Getting help from experienced family law attorneys may help parents to create parenting schedules that may be in the best interests of their children while also working better for everyone involved. Attorneys may be able to help their clients to view the matters logically instead of emotionally. This might help them to reach agreements that they might be happier with in the future. If the parents are unable to reach agreements outside of the court process, the schedules that they end up with may be issued by judges who are unfamiliar with their families.

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