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How parents can work together to create a custody schedule

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When Georgia parents live in different households, they usually need to come up with a definite plan and schedule for raising the children. This will help the child maintain a relationship with both parents, something that should benefit everyone in the family.

Exes should approach the parenting schedule in the spirit of building the parent-child relationship rather than a tool to get revenge on one another. While they may have different parenting styles, it’s important to respect the differences. Parents should try to avoid creating a parenting schedule that makes assumptions about the future. For example, one parent might plan to move closer to the child in a few years, but the plan should be made based on the current arrangement. A parent’s convenience will not necessarily be the No. 1 priority.

However, it’s important to think about the child’s schedule and how to keep disruptions to a minimum. This might include keeping the same child care provider if possible. If parents both live near the child’s school and one another, this can make moving back and forth between households easier. Parents should also take their kid’s extracurricular activities into account. Older children might want to be involved in making the schedule, and special provisions could be necessary for children who have special needs.

Parents may also want to include plans for how children will spend holidays and vacations. Alongside the schedule for custody and visitation, parents can also create a parenting agreement that addresses any concerns they have. They should not try to micromanage one another’s parenting, but they may want to have similar rules and expectations between households. Legal counsel could help an ex-couple come to an arrangement that benefits everyone.

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