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Accommodations are an important aspect of custody decisions

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Although there are many factors that go into deciding child custody rights in Georgia divorce cases, living accommodations are often considered to be some of the most important. Whether a parent receives sole custody, joint custody or no custody at all can hinge upon the ability to provide a nurturing environment where a child will have access to vital resources, including health care.

Many parents worry about income considerations as a determining factor in custody decisions, but the provision of a safe environment is more important. A parent who lives in a neighborhood with a high crime rate may have a harder time proving a safe environment to a judge as opposed to a parent living in an area with low crime.

In addition, a parent who lives in a two-bedroom apartment may have a harder time receiving custody of multiple children due to not being able to offer enough reasonable space. Courts may also consider the ages, genders and expectations of any children that need to be placed in physical custody. A child who is the opposite gender of the custodial parent may require additional privacy accommodations. The court could also take into account the amount of adjustment needed for a child making a move from a large residence to a much smaller one in determining custody rights.

When a consensus can’t be reached between parents regarding child custody, a family law attorney may be a good resource for legal mediation. Legal counsel could represent the best interests of any children involved in a divorce case before a judge to ensure they are afforded proper care. In situations where one parent requires changes in child custody orders due to relocation or other factors, a family law attorney can also handle the process of post-decree modifications.

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