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4 tips co-parents can use to make things easier

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Divorce is one of the most challenging experiences you can face in life. Things get even more complicated when kids are involved. In addition, divorce can be very traumatic for the children and cause feelings of sadness, confusion and abandonment.

You need a solid co-parenting agreement if you want your kids to find satisfaction and stability. Here are some ways to make co-parenting successful with your ex:

1. Avoid being negative

Co-parenting is all about teamwork. So, if you keep recreating every messy detail of your divorce and all the events that led to it, the continuous negativity will only keep you from successfully co-parenting. In addition, even if you feel angry, never badmouth your ex in front of your kids. This will only create unwanted conflict and misunderstanding in your children’s minds.

2. Set realistic schedules

Set realistic schedules that both you and your co-parent can keep. The schedule should also be realistic for your work and your kid’s school. In addition, put the agreement in writing to avoid any misunderstandings about pick-up times and drop-offs.

3. Show empathy to your ex

When your ex-partner does something good or considerate, express your gratitude. Remember that genuine appreciation for your ex shows your kids that you have empathy and fairness for others, even if the marriage is over.

4. Maintain communications

Some divorced parents make the mistake of sending their kids whenever they want to deliver a message, which is wrong. Your children should not be involved in adult drama or conversations.

After a divorce, you might feel bitter and betrayed. However, it will be best to put aside those feelings and create an excellent co-parenting plan with your ex.  If things get complicated, getting legal assistance is wise.

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