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Divorce Preparation: Checklist For Men

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Most of the time, when a married couple splits up, it is the husband who moves out, leaving the house to the wife and children. What can seem like the generous and proper thing to do can turn out to be a huge mistake — if you do not prepare yourself first.

Here is what you need to do to get ready for divorce before you move out:

  • Take inventory of your property. Most importantly, your joint bank accounts, 401(k)s, real estate and other significant assets. But also the items in the home, such as jewelry, furniture and vehicles. Virtually everything the two of you purchased or earned during the marriage is marital property that must be divided between you equitably in divorce. Even if you do not want to keep most of the things in the house, you are entitled to a fair portion of those items’ value. Without knowing exactly what you own, you cannot get what you are owed.
  • Work out a co-parenting plan. Getting divorced takes time. You do not want to leave the house not knowing when you will get to see your kids again. If you and your wife can still talk to each other, you should work out a co-parenting plan. Your lawyer can help turn your plan into a temporary court order that lasts until your divorce is finalized.
  • Think about what your priorities are. Are there assets, like the family home or ownership interest in a business, that you do not want to give up? What kind of long-term child custody plan would be best for your children? Do you have the financial resources to start a new household for yourself?

Once you are ready to move out, your next step is to contact Attorney Terri S. Herron of Family Lawyers of Atlanta in Roswell, Georgia. Call 404-418-7777 or contact us online. Besides our main office, we have branch locations throughout the Atlanta area, including in Atlanta, Marietta, Snellville and Duluth. The initial consultation is free.

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