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Being a good dad after a divorce

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Divorce is often emotionally challenging for Georgia fathers, especially when they have to share custody of their children. They may worry about maintaining a good relationship with their children and being an effective parent after a divorce occurs. Fortunately, there are many ways men may foster healthy relationships with their children after divorce. A father may even improve his relationship with his children as the stresses of an unhappy marriage dissipate after divorce.

While many individuals believe that divorce irrevocably damages a father’s relationship with his children, a Psychology Today article tells a different story. According to PT, research studies show that over 75% of children adapt very well when their parents get a divorce. Evidence shows that these children do not have to contend with long-lasting negative effects, such as mental health concerns, poor grades or social issues. Psychology Today states that children thrive when they have good relationships with dedicated parents, even when those parents are not married to each other. The positive changes parents may see after a divorce, such as reduced conflict and better emotional stability, may contribute to a better environment for their children.

Fatherly provides several practical suggestions to help men foster strong, healthy relationships with their children after a divorce. One of the most important aspects is pursuing mature and effective conflict resolution strategies. A divorced father who is able to communicate effectively with his ex-spouse may create a stable environment for his children. Another important aspect is self-care; divorced fathers may provide better care when they are emotionally and mentally stable. If divorce prevents fathers from continuing established family traditions, they may create new ones to continue building memories with their children. Divorced men have the capacity to be better fathers when they take the time to care for themselves.

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