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Yes: You can get through divorce

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Divorce can sometimes seem like an endless maze. To resolve one issue, it is necessary to resolve another, which, in turn, requires an expert analysis or negotiating session — or some other delay. 

It might seem complicated at first. However, we have found that there is nearly always an efficient way to approach any divorce, based on the details of the given case. 

Be focused

It almost goes without saying but, for most people, ending a marriage is highly emotional. Those who manage to accept and process emotions in a healthy way often enjoy a better outcome. The American Psychological Association has a number of good tips for keeping a cool head during divorce: 

  • Consider working through a mediator 
  • Maintain (cordial) communication, with professional psychological support if necessary 
  • Take physical notes to prepare for meetings, make agendas 
  • Maintain self-compassion and self-esteem 

Be practical

Everyone has a default way that they prefer to resolve conflicts. However, something as complicated as divorce often requires a focus more on practicality than on preference. Versatility and an understanding of all resolution options is key. 

For example, a trial could benefit couples with a large marital estate and many disagreements about who owns what. Mediation could be a better option for couples who want to minimize the amount of stress they put on their children. 

Be patient

We often find it is difficult for people to be patient as they go through divorce. Some never wanted the process to begin, and others have trouble waiting for it to end. 

It sometimes helps to think of divorce not as the end of a marriage, but as a tool to reorganize a family. Every meeting, every document and every court date counts as a step towards a stable new life — without the legal contract of matrimony. 

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