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Why do women request divorce more than men?

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Divorces are more often initiated by women than men. Additionally, many divorced women report being more satisfied with their life after filing – despite the hardships that divorce can cause both financially and emotionally.

Why, then, do women end up seeking a divorce so often? Generally speaking, unfortunate mismatches between men and women increase the likelihood of divorce, particularly in these areas:

Financial resources

Financial resources are one mismatch attributed to women requesting divorce more often than men. Women have historically relied on men to provide for them – especially in eras when working outside the home or living without a mate was socially unacceptable.

However, society has changed. Women no longer feel the social pressure to have a mate. Financial security is also no longer an incentive to stay married since many women even out-earn their husbands.


Relationships today have lower levels of interdependence than in the past, and that created some one-sided relationships with the wife playing a “supporting” role to her husband’s goals.  Today, women aren’t as willing to sacrifice their happiness and well-being just to make their partners happy. They also have the power to walk away if their partner fails to be equally supportive and giving.

Less interdependence means less investment and commitment to the relationship. If a woman isn’t happy, she is more willing to file for divorce.

Understanding divorce trends

Just because women may be more likely to file for divorce than men, both parties still have rights. Protecting yourself and your assets in a divorce is essential to ensure that you are secure and financially stable after a divorce.

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