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What if your child refuses to comply with a visitation agreement?

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The reasons for a divorce can be hard for adults to comprehend. Imagine, then, what it feels like for a child to try to figure out why Mom or Dad no longer lives in the family home. It can make a youngster or teenager angry and confused. Then add the stress of visitation. Your child might not want to go along with the rules that have been established to be at the home of the non-custodial parent. What can you do if your kid balks every time he or she has to spend time with your ex?

This can be a challenging situation, whether you live in Georgia or elsewhere. You may resent your ex. In light of that, it may be hard to coax your son or daughter to happily go to your former spouse’s place at the appointed time. It helps to understand why your child stubbornly won’t go.

Why your youngster doesn’t want to visit the non-custodial parent

There can be lots of reasons why a child feels this way. Untangling their motivation might give you a handle on the situation.

  • Your ex is too strict.
  • Your former spouse lives a long way from the child’s friends, after-school activities or sports teams.
  • Your child and your ex fight a lot.
  • Your child dislikes your ex’s new significant other.

Some ideas about getting things back on track

Having a child who will not honor a visitation agreement could land you in legal hot water. So what can you do to resolve the problem?

  • Communicate with your ex about what is happening.
  • Get your ex involved in finding a solution to this problem.
  • Have an honest, compassionate discussion with your child about the situation.
  • Make the switch from your home to your former spouse’s home for a visit as easy, stress-free and even fun as possible for your child.

Divorce represents a huge upheaval for everyone concerned. Dealing with the legal details and emotional fallout can be difficult for you and your child. Time, a little creativity and some patience go a long way toward healing and moving on.

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