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What are the most common reasons for divorce in the U.S.?

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The classic novel Anna Karenina begins, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” This is certainly true when it comes to divorce. Every married person who files for divorce in Atlanta has their own reasons for doing so.

Having said that, experts can group the causes of divorce into certain general categories. In a 2013 study published in Couple and Family Psychology, a team of researchers used data from a survey of divorced people to suggest the most common reasons people get divorced in the U.S.

The top seven results were:

  • Lack of commitment (75 percent)
  • Infidelity (59.6 percent)
  • Excessive conflict/fighting (57.7 percent)
  • Married too young (45.1 percent)
  • financial problems (36.7 percent)
  • Substance abuse (34.6 percent)
  • Domestic violence (23.5 percent)

As the percentages suggest, most respondents gave more than one cause for their divorce. It is not surprising that a troubled marriage would have more than one problem affecting the relationship. About two-thirds of respondents said that one issue in particular was the “final straw” that ended their marriages. Infidelity was the most common “final straw” issue, followed by domestic violence and substance abuse.

Fault and divorce in Georgia

If you are thinking about divorce, you probably have excellent reasons. Whether there are issues like domestic violence, addiction or infidelity, or your relationship with your spouse is simply no longer working, the divorce procedure is the same in Georgia due to no-fault divorce laws. It does not matter if you, your spouse, both of you or neither of you is responsible for the breakdown of your marriage. However, these issues could impact child custody.

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