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Tips to help fathers gain child custody

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Georgia fathers know that winning child custody can be difficult. However, there are a few things they can do to help prepare for a potential custody battle.

One of the most important things fathers seeking custody can do is consistently pay child support. If the support agreement is informal, they should create a paper trail proving the payments are being made. Meanwhile, fathers should make every effort to build a strong relationship with their child. This could include calling the child often to check up on his or her well-being. It could also include attending the child’s important social events, including birthday parties, school plays and religious functions.

Fathers seeking custody can also help their case by maintaining accurate visitation records. These records can be submitted to the court to help support a child custody request. Dads should also prepare a child care plan in the event they are granted custody. This plan should detail what the child’s living accommodations, education and social activities will be. It should also demonstrate a father’s financial preparedness to care for his child. Finally, fathers should always treat the mother of their child with respect. Being disrespectful causes emotional stress to the child and hurts the father’s chances of gaining custody.

Fathers seeking child custody may benefit from contacting a family law attorney. An attorney could help a father craft a plan to gain custody. If the child was born out or wedlock, this plan may include beginning the legitimation process, which establishes the legal parental relationship between a father and his child. Legal counsel could also file all necessary child custody paperwork with the court and represent a father during any court hearings.

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