Delivering clarity for families during uncertain times

Mike M.

Best Lawyer I Know Hands Down!!!!!!!!!!! I retained Terri Herron as my lawyer over a two month period beginning in late February of 2012 through the middle of April 2012. I needed her services to establish legitimation and visitation rights for my child. From the start, Terri was very thorough in keeping me informed of the latest updates as it pertained to my case. She responded quickly to the various questions I had. Terri never gave me the slightest apprehension in regards to her work ethic. She was always cordial, punctual to meetings, and professional in every since of the word. Best of all, the monetary cost was more than phenomenal in comparison to the services she rendered. If you want a lawyer who is professional, upbeat, and has an authentic passion for what she does then Terri Herron is your guy (no pun intended).
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