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How To Prepare For Custody Proceedings

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Any legal proceedings can be intimidating — especially when they concern your children. The outcome of child custody proceedings will affect not only your relationship with them, but also their day-to-day life and future until they reach adulthood. For this reason, it’s important to prepare well in advance. A solid foundation of preparation can help ensure a more successful custody arrangement that fits the needs of your family.

To fully prepare for custody proceedings, you must first understand the steps in the process. In Georgia, custody cases may involve some or all of these steps:

  • The court may appoint a neutral third party (called a guardian ad litem or custody evaluator) to conduct an investigation. The goal of this investigation is to determine which arrangements would be in the best interests of your children.
  • You may have to participate in custody mediation. During this out-of-court process, a third-party facilitator (the mediator) will help you try to resolve disputes and reach a win-win resolution, if possible.
  • If disputes remain, you may have to leave the case in the hands of a judge. In these situations, it’s important to present a compelling case in court.

From a legal standpoint, each of these steps involves intensive preparation. From a practical standpoint, here are some additional tips for how to prepare for custody proceedings:

  • Stay involved in your children’s lives.
  • Don’t make any big decisions that may impact your children (such as moving away or taking on new work obligations).
  • Scope out options for child care arrangements.
  • Learn how to effectively co-parent with your ex-spouse or ex-partner.
  • Start gathering evidence that demonstrates your involvement as a parent.

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