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How does mediation help divorcing couples in Georgia?

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Obtaining a divorce can take a considerable amount of time. First, you have to file paperwork with the family courts. Then, you have to communicate with your ex or their attorney. Finally, you have to have your day in court. In a contested divorce, you may spend many days presenting your side of the situation to a judge. They will need that information to make decisions about splitting your property or contested custody matters.

Some Georgia couples about to divorce will go through mediation as part of that process so that they can file an uncontested divorce instead. How can mediation help you during your divorce?

You take control over the outcome

During mediation, you and your ex, along with your attorneys, will have to sit down together and try to negotiate about the end of your marriage. You can talk confidentially about how different issues from your marriage should impact the terms you set.

You resolve seemingly impossible disagreements

A mediator can help you find the best way to share custody or divide your property. Their guidance can help you set aside your feelings and focus on solutions.

During mediation, you will have your attorney protecting you and looking out for your best interests. You will also have a mediator helping you and your ex find a compromise that will work. That balance is crucial, as mediation is all about cooperation and mutual agreement.

Mediation can mean a faster divorce

Successful mediation will result in a legally binding agreement over property or your parental rights. That agreement allows you to divorce without any numerous court hearings because the two of you have already set terms on which you both agree. If the two of you cannot find compromises you both agree on, then you will likely still need to litigate part of your divorce.

Completing divorce mediation can set you off to file for an uncontested divorce filing in Georgia.

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