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How do Georgia courts know what is in a child’s best interests?

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The best interests of the child is a phrase used frequently during divorce and child custody procedures. There is no one method of determining a child’s best interests. Instead, courts look at many factors to make this determination.

If you are like many other parents in Atlanta, Georgia, you may wonder how a stranger can know what is best for your child. It is natural to feel concerned that someone you do not know holds such power over the fate of you and your kids.

What factors will the court take into account?

Family courts in Georgia have a laundry list of factors they can use to make this determination. The judge in your case will examine all relevant factors in an unbiased manner to make a final child custody decision. The section below contains a partial list of these factors:

  • The love and emotional bond between each parent and the child
  • The emotional bond between the child and other members of the family
  • The ability of each parent to support and meet the needs of the child
  • The home environment of each parent
  • The mental and physical health of each parent
  • The employment schedule of each parent and if it limits the ability of either parent to care for the child
  • The criminal history of each parent

Family courts also delve into the background of each parent to find out if they have ever been involved in family violence or child abuse.

We know how scary it feels to put your child’s future in the hands of a court system. However, we believe that learning more about child custody matters can help you feel better about your journey through the family court system.

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