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How can I establish paternity?

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Establishing paternity in Georgia helps you obtain child support. Knowing who the biological father of your child is matters in the eyes of the law. Fortunately, there are several methods you can use for determining paternity.

There are different are paternity methods available for unmarried and married parents. Unmarried couples can establish paternity by participating in the Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgment Program, according to the Georgia Department of Human Services. This allows the Division of Child Support Services to intervene on your behalf to secure various forms of support for your child. These include resources such as healthcare and financial child support.

Another option for unwed parents involves signing a Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgment Form. Signing the document must take place in the hospital where you gave birth or Atlanta’s State Office of Vital Records. You also have the option of signing the form at a Vital Records Office located in the county where your child was born.

Paternity testing is one of the most common ways of establishing paternity. DCSS requires this testing for new child support cases, especially if there are any doubts about who your child’s biological father is. In this instance, you, your child and the alleged father must take the test. An Administrative court or local Superior Court handles the testing process. If the results show the alleged father is the biological parent, he must reimburse DCSS for the cost of the paternity tests. Finally, if you are legally married at the time you give birth, Georgia recognizes your husband as the father of your child.

This information is for educational purposes only and it is not legal advice.

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