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Help children embrace returning parents

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Parents sometimes leave a child’s life. This might be for something they can’t really control, such as a military deployment, but it might also be by choice. If that parent decides to reenter the child’s life, the parent who’s been present will have to help the child to navigate this major life change.

There are a few things that you should consider if you’re facing reintroducing your child to their other parent who hasn’t been around. These might help to make the transition a little easier.

Go slowly

Bringing the parent back into the child’s life isn’t something that’s likely going to happen quickly. Younger children might need more time than older children. The parent who’s been around might have to sit in a few visits so the child can become comfortable with the other parent. The initial visits might have to be short. Trying to rush the child into feeling comfortable will likely make it harder on them.

Be realistic

You have to be realistic when you’re dealing with this situation. The child will likely have a lot of questions. Be willing to answer those honestly, but be sure that your responses are age-appropriate. It might be best if both parents sit down together to talk to the children, so they know that they have the support of the parent who’s been there.

Be sure that you have a parenting plan in place to protect the children’s best interests. This must be set up based on what the kids need right now. As time passes, it can always be modified to address the needs of the children.

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