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Do all fathers know how to involve themselves with their kids?

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Unfortunately, fathers sometimes have to prove their worth to a Georgia judge or court before they can be granted custody of their kids. Proving they know how to be part of their children’s lives can go a long way in building a solid case.

The Child Development Institute has done the research to help fathers learn how to bond with their kids. Use them in your own legal situation.

Learn your child’s moods

Just like with any relationship, knowing the other person’s moods helps strengthen the lines of communication and can clear up any confusion. By learning your daughter or son’s moods and triggers for certain moods, you can anticipate how she or he is likely to react to certain stimuli, places and people.

Take an active role in feeding your kids

Rather than let kids feed themselves or pop a meal in the microwave, learn how to cook a few simple meals for your child and sit down and eat with her or him. Eating meals together or feeding your infant child is a great bonding experience, and you get to learn the kinds of foods your kid enjoys most.

Know that quiet time is perfectly okay

Kids may have an abundance of energy, but that does not mean they require constant stimulation or noise. Engaging in more subdued activities like watching movies, enjoying a beautiful view together or going for a walk are great ways to quietly connect with your child.

Help with personal care

Help your child with brushing her or his teeth and hair, bathing and getting dressed. Such activities may seem simple enough, but you never know how much your help can stand out in your child’s mind in the future.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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