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Divorced dads want to share in the lives of their children

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The bond between a child and his or her mother begins at the moment of birth but forming a solid father-child relationship takes a bit more time.

Fathers certainly have rights with regard to their children, but if the parents divorce, what happens to those rights?

More time together

Organizations that champion the rights of fathers following divorce explain that there is an increase in support for them to share fully in the lives of their children. For example, in public opinion polls, both men and women are solidly behind shared residential custody. In addition, the majority of children want to spend more time living with their fathers following the breakup of the family unit.

Parenting plan development

Creating a good parenting plan is a first step for a father who seeks to protect his rights in the relationship with his child. Every plan is unique as to the finer points. However, the process includes setting up a visitation schedule that provides a sufficient amount of time for father and child to enjoy together. Shared legal custody is also an important consideration. This means that parents share decision-making on major points such as the education, healthcare and religious upbringing of their child.

Additional support

If your marriage is ending, you may worry about the kind of parent-child relationship there will be in a post-divorce world. Co-parenting will be a new experience. You suspect there will be issues to resolve, but it is essential for you to share in the life of your child. Rely on professional guidance to ensure that you enjoy full rights as a father.

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