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Can I get a divorce without a lawyer in Georgia?

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When filing for divorce, there are many things to consider. There is the distribution of marital property, determining custody or child support issues and resolving financial situations concerning debt or assets.

For those unable to secure the help of an attorney to represent their legal concerns during a divorce, the state of Georgia allows for an individual to file for divorce without the assistance of counsel.

Meet the state requirements

Even if lawyers are not involved, parties seeking a divorce must follow the requirements specified by Georgia law. Either of the parties must maintain Georgia residence for six months leading up to the filing and filing the petition for divorce occurs within the specific county of residence for one or both spouses. Separation between the parties is another requirement, as well as presenting the court with all of the information about living arrangements, financial holdings, debts, children from the union and the reason for seeking a divorce.

Consider the challenges

Though the state allows for an individual to file a divorce without legal representation, there are some challenges to this option. If the divorce is being contested, there is a significant amount of work that goes into preparing and defending your position for a more favorable ruling from a judge. There is also the concern regarding accurately completing the necessary paperwork and filing it correctly. Without an attorney helping you navigate through the legal process, it could also take longer for a judge to finalize your divorce.

Filing for divorce on your own is possible in the state of Georgia. Understand the process may be more affordable but there is a higher risk of complications and delays.

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